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Sports And Recreational Activities For Kids In Killeen

Sports and recreational activities are important for promoting good health and improving the quality of life for kids. Children find these activities fun and an interesting way to spend their leisure time. You can enroll you child at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas for participating in various activities, sports and games.

Benefits of sports and recreation

  • Personal and health benefits: The sports and recreational activities not only help in decreasing obesity among children but also boost self-esteem, confidence, self-respect, trust and leadership abilities. Physical activity also contributes towards improving the academic performance of the children. Sports improve concentration, attention and classroom behavior. Children become socially oriented by participating in these activities, which provide challenges as well adventure to them.
  • Another benefit of sports and recreational activities is that it helps in reducing stress and making the children happy. By indulging in different sports, kids develop character and learn time management. They interact with the children of their age group and this helps improve their communication and learning skills.
  • Benefits to community: Besides offering physical benefits, the sports and recreational activities also benefit the community, as they bring the people together. Sports help in building the value of teamwork and offer fun. The children follow their role models and try to achieve their goals like them, to win at a sport or game and benefit the community.  Thus parents should encourage their children to maintain an active lifestyle and enjoy a sport or game. Rather than playing video games, using Internet and having sedentary lifestyle, children can enjoy being physically active.
We, at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas offer various organized sports leagues. Basketball leagues for 2nd Grade, ¾ Grade, and 5/6 Grade are conducted. You can even register for cheerleading program, which is offered for youth in 7-15 age groups. The program is for students who attend or live within the KISD school district students. The club also offers the NCAA League, which is available for boys 7-9 years old. You can register for Swim League for ages 7-17 years.

Our kids club has been organizing fun-filled activities for more than a decade and also has various branches at different locations in Texas. To register, you can visit us at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541 or call 254-699-5808  Ext:102.
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