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Tips To Stay Focused While Learning

Staying focused is imperative for efficient learning. It is common for students to feel distracted while studying. However, inculcating simple habits and actions in your daily routine can help you stay focused.

Here are some tips for helping students develop higher concentration levels and participate efficiently when studying:

  • A Conducive Environment: One of the factors that influence a learner’s level of focus is the environment in which he is studying. For better focus, it is necessary for the environment to be conducive in terms of noise levels, seating arrangement, temperature and lack of distractions.
  • Study With A Partner: For those who feel unmotivated to study, finding a study partner with similar study goals can improve concentration levels. To improve learning sessions, choose a dedicated and hardworking partner.
  • Snacks & Water: Keep snacks and water at your study station beforehand to avoid unscheduled breaks that can cut down efficiency. Opt for healthy snacks such as fruits, granola bars, nuts, water etc.
  • Short Breaks: For better focus, take short breaks in between study sessions. However, ensure the break should not stretch beyond 20 minutes. Breaks are necessary for recharging the brain and retaining the information learnt.
  • Set Goals: To stay focused and motivated, set goals and push yourself towards achieving them. This strategy helps to develop self-control and a sense of achievement on accomplishing the goal.
  • Rewards: Rewards like a fun activity or a favorite snack can be a source of great motivation to complete a task at hand at the right time. They provide something to look forward to at the end of the project which helps in improving focus.
  • Exercise: For those who feel fidgety and hyper when trying to focus, exercise can be used as an effective tool to manage excessive energy. Short bursts of exercise before studying and during breaks can help you remain focused when learning.
  • Power Naps: If you feel dull and tired, nothing works better than a 15 to 20 minutes long power nap. Alternatively, you can also try a 10-minute power walk to oxygenate your brain.
  • Miscellaneous: Other things that help in improving focus are the use of flash cards, making notes, deep breathing, minimizing the use of computers and so on.

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