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Ways Parents Can Help Kids With Homework: Tutoring Texas

Are you dreading homework as much as your child is? If yes, then the child will be unable to gauge the importance of homework and will always run away from it. There are ways parents can get involved in making the homework completion task fun and less tedious. Following are some tips on how parents can assist their children with their homework:

  • Fix timings: Make a schedule in consultation with the child and stick it at a place (like refrigerator or cupboard) so everyone can see it. Encourage the child to spend time in activities such as outdoor games, TV etc. around that pre-set time. If you are required to supervise their homework, ensure that you are free in that time slot so the child is motivated to concentrate on homework.
  • Assign a place: There should be a fixed place where the child is expected to finish homework. The place needs to be ventilated, well lit, airy and free of any distractions. When the child knows that he has to sit at a certain place and finish work, it helps in building a strict routine. A consistent routine of time and place works wonders in completing the homework productively.
  • Remove distractions: Ensure that the TV is not loud, siblings are not fighting and your grinder is not distracting the child at the time he/she sits for homework. Give them the right environment so they do not feel they are being made to sit and finish homework all alone.
  • Guide but not do: It is good to provide guidance to children but to practically do the entire work yourself hamper their learning. It is recommended to encourage the kids to think and complete homework on their own while knowing that you are around in case they are stuck. If you are not sure of the teaching method, ask the teachers what needs to be taught so that the child isn’t confused between your and teacher’s method.
  • Know when they need extra help: As children reach higher classes, it may become difficult for you to help them with homework. If you think that it is becoming increasingly demanding to provide the right guidance to your children, take help from a kids club that provide tutoring assistance to children. Trained staff will make the child’s homework doing experience much easier.
  • Keep a check: Do keep an eye on the amount of work they are being assigned. Homework is priority but should not eat up leisure time of the child. If you think that the school is over burdening kids, it is your responsibility to talk to concerned authorities. Listen to your child when he points out that homework is becoming stressful and try to make it less cumbersome.
Homework is a great tool for making your child practice and revise important concepts. It is also a way to let parents know how their child is progressing at school. Homework should be given due importance and the child should be given the right atmosphere so he is able to finish it in time.

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