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Ways To Encourage Your Child To Be Physically Active

Keeping kids physically active is important for their overall health and well-being.  However, with the progression of age and increased academic burden, it may get difficult to engage them in various physical activities. One of the simplest ways to do this is by enrolling them in a kids club. This will not only keep them physically active but also promote better sleep and provide a better outlook towards life. As a parent, you need to be committed towards increasing your child’s physical activity levels as it will have a lifelong impact on his well-being.

Below is a list of different ways in which you can encourage your child to be physically active:

  • Encourage participation in sports: It is important to let your child choose a sport that he loves as this will help him enjoy the activity a lot more. Be it football, basketball or badminton, the free time in between studies can be spent being physically active.
  • Become a good role model: You should set a good example in front of your children by exercising regularly. When children see their parents physically active, they tend to get more active themselves. Enlighten your children about the importance of exercise and try to involve them in your exercise routine. 
  • Plan age-based activities: The level of any physical activity should be according to the age of your child. For instance, if your child is a pre-schooler, you need to engage him in activities that assist in development of motor skills. On the other hand, school-aged kids can get involved in sports such as youth football, basketball, biking, trekking etc. Teenagers can attend gym classes, enroll in a gymnastic class or play any type of sport they enjoy.
  • Give outdoor time: You should send your child outside more often in order to encourage him to be more active. You can take your child to a nearby park to play Frisbee or accompany him while he rides a bicycle on the trail. Also, allow your child to spend more time with his friends as this is likely to make him more active.
  • Actively support your child: Buy good equipment that your child requires for a specific physical activity such as sports etc. Tag along to pick and drop your child when he goes to a kids club or practice sessions. Go and watch him play and make your child’s physical activity a priority. Play with him while you are in the park so that he enjoys being physically active and doesn’t see it as a strenuous activity.
  • Emphasize on the fun factor: Persuade your child to get involved in a variety of physical activities and help him learn new playing skills. Don’t focus on being too competitive and show complete confidence in his abilities. This will encourage him to be physically active.
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